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Full Version: Passionate Prayer
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I started this site last night, after going a few months with a blank domain. After prayer and guidance, I installed a MyBB forum and a nice looking theme and touched up what I could. Any thoughts?
That's pretty much. Could use some more touch up but's good.
What could I do?

thanks for the input Big Grin
I suggest a background and maybe adding some text to the header image it appears a bit plain. Also none of your forums have descriptions. That's a bad idea if only because of SEO.
Ok, I had text added, I added forum descriptions, and I changed the on/off images
why do you have it pushed to /bb/ instead of just / ?
Change the title in you prefered item key, help you in seo.
@Psinetic, because I plan to eventually have an index page for information and resources.

@fulgerulde, what?
ah ok, makes sense then XD