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Full Version: Football tipping. FTW style.
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Decided to open a footy tipping contest on my forum.
$100 Aussie dollars is first place. So any takers jump in. It could be worth while.
You dont even need to know the game. I post up every game of each week.
I will email members before i close the weeks tips.
Its 22 rounds X 8 games.
$100 seems like a good offer no?

Enjoy. DAMINK.
awesome! is it still running?
I suck at footy tipping so I won't be doing it. Sad
(May 15, 2009, 05:34 AM)Be Groovy Wrote: [ -> ]awesome! is it still running?

It is but we are up to round 7 so would be near impossible for anyone else to join in and actually have a chance at winning. So i guess this thread is more or less dead now.