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Full Version: Hi from Webmaster Juice
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Hi, Ned here - the admin at Webmaster Juice forums.

My forum is a general webmaster forum since I have been building sites and coding for a long time and thought it was about time to start my own informational webmaster forum. Also, I prefer smaller forums rather than hanging out on very large one's that can seem intimidating.

I found this forum after looking into coding my own MyBB plugin to interface with a software application that I wrote to optimize websites in various ways, which I have now done. So maybe I can contribute code at some stage?

Anyway, howdy folks or rather Konichiwa (since I live in Japan) Big Grin
Love your domain name. I hope it takes off for you.
Quote:Love your domain name. I hope it takes off for you.

Cheers, it can be difficult to come up with a good unregistered domain name. Adding a random word to a keyword sometimes works.