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Full Version: Move users to new user group
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Hi all

I have one simple (but I don't know the solution) question. How to move all users, who have more than 5 posts to new user group.

I can sort users bu posts, but for changing primary group I need to modify each user. But I have 4500 users.... and more than 500 have more than 5 posts and I want them to move new user group.

With Group Promotions - how I understand - each user need to make new post, to get promotion, but I want some faster solution, to change the primary group.

You can just use the Group Promotions. Set it up to require 5 posts, then manually run the promotions task, and they should get promoted.
I doesn't work. It promotes only users, who posting after enabling this task. So old user with 200 posts will remain to old user group, until he makes new post.