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Full Version: Hi guys
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Hello all.

I won't bore you with all the details but i had a small clan site hosted on an ipb board running on a dedicated server owned by a friend of a friend. Lets just say that it all came to an end and out of spite he took the board with him and so i had to start again from scratch.

Due to limited finances i studied all the free forum softwares on various comparison sites and finally decided on MyBB which then led me here.

I wouldn't say i know that much about coding etc but im ok with gfx and have also found my way around the templates etc in MyBB to start to get my site how i want it.

anyway thats enough from me but there might ba a question or two now and then. Tongue

Anyway this is after a few hours so i have a long way to go. Big Grin

-=KMHH=- Clan HQ
Nice intro. Welcome to the site.