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Full Version: Huh, my forum just degraded me from Admin to Member... WTF!?
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As said, I was casually editing the Configurations menu in ACP, when suddenly it wanted me to log into the CP again. When it wouldn't let me, I went back to the home page to see what was wrong. And then I noticed, somehow, I was now a normal member! Is there any way I can regain control? Can I go back to my emial and click the link again? Please help? I had worked hard!

PS, I dunno if this is the right section, but it seemed kinda fitting so yeah...
PS#2: I was the only member there, since I was still configuring the settings. Is it possible that it's been hacked?
Run this in phpMyAdmin:

PHP Code:
UPDATE `mybb_usersSET `usergroup` = '4' WHERE `uid` = '1' 

Check your table prefix and uid.

This is a very common issue, usually caused when people make a group promotion that includes the admin group.
Yes, did make that kind of promotion actually. And sorry to ask, but what's phpMyAdmin?
It'll be in your host control panel if they have it, email them if you're having trouble finding it.
If I use Dot TK as my host, do you know where I would find it? I don't know their E-Mail.
I've never used it so I don't know. There should be a link for phpMyAdmin or MySQL/database management somewhere... there must also be a contact link somewhere too....
Hey JG, just ask Ruby. He prolly knows Wink

ps. this is Totality
(Mar 30, 2009, 08:43 PM)Max C. Wrote: [ -> ]Hey JG, just ask Ruby. He prolly knows Wink

ps. this is Totality

I had guessed that.
I didnt know Tk had hosting.

make a file called whatevr. (stuff.php)
put this in
include "config.php";

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `usergroup` = '4' WHERE `uid` = '1';

upload in ur root folder

run file.

something like that.

You just need to access ur database