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Full Version: [SOLVED] White screen when trying to access user profile.
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Ok i have gone and fuckered up my forum a little. I was testing a module for the plaza plugin. Anyway when i uninstalled it i get a blank screen when i try access /member.php?action=profile&uid=1

I suspect its caused by this plaza module but am not 100%.
I did also upgrade the MatchRank plugin at same time.
I have since removed both but are a little hesitent to go any further at present.

Any ideas on what i may have done wrong? Tongue
My plaza is complex. Check the templates to see what might be the issue.

I just took a peek for you..your templates was completely empty. So whatever you deactivated just deleted it. Any custom changes you had you have to pull from a database backup. For now your template is just default but I know you have custom stuff that should be in there.
Bugger. Seems i got a bit of fixing to do... Sigh... Man i got a test forum so i have no idea why i did it on a live forum.
Let this be a warning to others. Dont do as silly DAMINK does. Smile

Thankyou Labrocca.
HOW WEIRD. It just fixed itsself?????
No fooling. I did nothing and now its back. All be it different. None of the personal stuff but its back. Smile
Labrocca come to my rescue (Yet again Smile ) Now problem solved.

Thankyou Labrocca.