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Full Version: Database Table question
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Hi again,

Question is: If I make a fresh install of mybb to another folder in the server but direct it to a previously used mybb db table, will the fresh install overwrite the contents of the table? E.g. Will mybb_users table get overwritten in a fresh install? Or will it attempt to create the table, see its already there, then leave it alone which will allow the contents of the table to populate into the new installed mybb?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks guys!

Sorry for multiple thread posts, just trying to simplify for easier user searches in the future.
Did I annoy you guys already with dumb questions? Sad
You can have multiple forums on one database as long as the table prefix is different. For example, if your current forum tables have a prefix of mybb_ and you install again, on the same database, and give the tables a prefix of mybb_, the old ones will be overwritten. However, if when installing the new forum you change the table prefix to something liek forum_ or mybb2_ it'll be fine, as long as it's different.