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Full Version: Upload Video in MyBB???
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I have a question dos anyone know how I can add video into MyBB?

I want to have videos in MyBB so that it will attact people to my fourm. I do not want to use youtube because I want my videos to only be on my site so the videos are "excluvie" and is only for the members that sign up in my fourm.

Dos anyone know how I can upload and embed videos that could be exclusive for my site only?

Yes it can be done. What sort of video format do you want to use?
I currently am able to use youtube, redtube, (i know you dont want them)
Also i have the ability to play swf, flv, mp3 and wmv files. Which obviously are located on my server and embedded into posts by members.

Let me know what sort of video you want to publish and i will try find it for you. But keep in mind i only play the above files so anything beyond that may be difficult. But i found the above does cater to most things.
either swf or flv. What one would work better?
Well turns out i have posted it here in the past.
You can find out what you need to in that thread. Enjoy.
Thank you for the link to the other Fourm. Do you know of a good way to convert my videos to those formats?
lol..I love it when people choose a username that doesn't fit them ..."videoexpert" for sure.

Try for good free programs for video editing.
I have to agree with Labrocca mate.
But perhaps this will help?

Joking Smile