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Full Version: Request/Suggestion
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I couldn't find/see the "new thread" option in the suggestions forum, so I'll post it here for now until someone can properly move it for me.

One thing I've found to be very, VERY annoying, tedious, and just outright too much darn work, is when you have a brand new forum and you have to put up all those forums, set permissions, set group permissions, etc. There are just too many buttons to push back and forth constantly. From problems, to new instillations, to switching this and that, and tweaking, I've setup at least six forums (i did all three of them twice b/c i bought a new domain for each one and had to redo them all) in the past week.

I'm tired and sick of having to hit "new forum", type in a name, type in a parent forum, etc etc, "submit" do the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over again for each and every forum. It's driving me nuts!!!

Please o' please, is there a plugin I can use that does mass forum creations and mass forum permissions? Sad
Why do you need to set permissions for every forum you make?? By default they inherit the permissions you set in the usergroup settings, so unless you want to change them for each forum, the permissions are automatically set when you make a new forum.
Ok, maybe not the permissions, but i have 30+ forums (not including subforums and categories) on each forum (three forums total), that's over 100 forums total each one taking approximately 2-3 minutes a piece to create. That's close to five hours of constantly sitting there clicking away on the mouse with NO breaks. that's way too much time. I just need a plugin that could cut that time down to just thirty minutes total by allowing me to quickly select how many forums I want, how many categories, and allowing me to type in the names and descriptions of all of them right then and there and then click submit, and bam, done. but right now, i'm just doing all this by hand, and it's really very tiring.
soo....i don't assume anyone likes this idea >_>
Well, Eric. You would just have to make all of them unless i or any other member makes a plugin that has a "Forum built off of" box like vBulletin does.
I am not taking new suggestions.