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Full Version: Upgrade benefits question
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In the "upgrade" page you can read:

Quote:Benefits of becoming a subscriber includes:
* Removal of Ads

So, why am I seeing "Great Deals and Offers" (servage, hostgator, thinkhost) and "Quick Ads" boxes on Mybb Central index page?

Also, I'm reading this:

Quote:For being a subsciber you will also receive 1000 .

Is it wrong? 1000 what?

Those ads are in the sidebox, so they're not covered by the MyAdManager plugin, meaning they can't be turned off as easily on a per-usergroup basis. I see them, labrocca probably does too. The subscription removes things like inline ads between posts.

As for the 1000, that was probably 1000 MYPS points but it's been disabled, and just hasn't been removed from the subscription page.
I'll add something to have those removed for subscribers. No biggie.
Thanks for the answers guys Smile
Alterations made. Sorry about that.
I really didn't mind those anyways. I'm one of those people that really doesn't mind ads all too much. I actually like clicking on them every once in awhile to help out the website owner Tongue

I'm such a nice guy, I know lol.
Thank you very much Smile
Well technically they weren't ads as much as recommended hosts.