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Full Version: forums gone missing?
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I was creating some forums and now they've all gone missing the page won't load and when i go to forums management it's blank i can't do anything?

Also if i add a forum it doesn't appear there?

Strange this is the list of my forums are all there in announcements ?

Anyway of getting this back or fixing it?

No idea why that's just happened?

Thanks .
I can only guess at the problem. You should take a look in the database and see if there is a something obvious. Have you any plugins installed which might cause this?
I only used the plugins i'd been using for a day or so ( testing)

Was very strange that all of a sudden it happened?

I've reloaded a back up i had but lost a few hours work on adding some forums.

Just don't understand why it happened all of a sudden ?

Thanks .
I can't guess either.