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Full Version: Bare this in mind - LINK DROPPING COMBAT
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Doesn't it piss you off when people join, make one post with a link and then you'll never see them again.

Today, somebody registered trying to promote forum software, phpbb, by just joining through by searching in google for 'which forum software' and then dropping a link. Yesterday, somebody tried to sell a nintendo wii in a thread about link development. ... this sucks.

Labrocca, I know your busy but this plugin could really bring you more people. I'm sure lots of people will make some donations inc me.

Right, a plugin that only allows members who are 'established' to post links. VB are using this.

I run a forum where people are dropping links, so I want to combat this. Members with less than x posts or have been registered for less than x days.

How can this be done?

Well we could use group permissions, we'd need you Labrocca to make an option for groups 'can post live links'. That way we can use the group promotions system to upgrade members with x posts / registered for x days to a group which can post links.

PLEASE DON'T LOCK THIS THREAD. Somebody may be able to develop this, if not you, but I'm sure i've managed to explain why it's needed and how it could be done.

Thread on my site going.
I like the idea Smile
It will be really useful for forum admins.
Do not make suggestions anymore. The area is closed for a reason. DO NOT MAKE SUGGESTIONS..I don't want to have to repeat that to you again.