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Full Version: New debate and opinion forum
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Hi guys, please have alook and tell me what you think. Using a lot of Labrocca's Mods. I think the Tab menu is awesome. Launched 2 days ago, so not may postings yet.

Tell your friends, tell your family you visited WorldChaos.

Nice! Maybe you can use an another theme because this is just the default one.

Good luck with it!
Thanks, was going to change to other blues etc. Work in progress.

Thanks for the reply Smile

Any idea how to get more bot to the site? Only had googlebot so far?
You need to have good content. Its also good to add your site to other Search sites like Yahoo etc Big Grin.
Hi Stephon,

Thanks for the input. Was going to try mod the tabs and change colour but I get faults in a bit of the changes I have tried. So this is a work in progress I guess, getting some good feedback on things I can do.

The logo comes from the main website

so when the vistor clicks through to the forum, the theme idea is not lost.

The tabs are too many I think as well, best viewed in 1000 plus screen settings. So I think I need to fix that.

Thank you for your input, points well noted.