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Full Version: User Groups Problem
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I cannot seem to save User Groups in mybb 1.4.4 - there is no save button anymore. Since i installed one of the plugins from this site it has been doing it, I think it might have been the awards one but when i disabled it it still wouldnt show.

Any ideas as to how i can fix it?

Never mind,

Its the Online24 plugin that stopped it from working.

Thanks Anyway.
That should be happening from that plugin. It's very simple and doesn't effect the admincp.

Do you have Fapcor installed? There is a bug that's fixed in that plugin but other than that I am not sure what it could be that's a plugin.
No, I don't have Fapcor installed.

I've just disabled the Online24 one to make it work..
Can you enable it again? Really I can't see how the online 24 can effect the admincp.

Looking at the's impossible.

Did you by chance upgrade your site from a 1.2x version?