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Full Version: Forum jumping back and forth.
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My forum is jumping back and forth from almost like 2 different forums.
For example i have a shoutbox. Now i have multiple ids running to test this and other people elsewhere. Some of us can see the shoutbox and some can not.
Its not a usergroup thing. Now on one of the pcs where i can not see it i can go into admin cp and activate the plugin and then i can. But it then has a shoutbox that my other account cant see. Its like i have 2 fourms running. Now this applies to some posts over the last 24 hrs also.
To top that off its sort of bouncing around. One minute my main pc is viewing as normal then its almost gone back in time.
Thats the problem now how i caused it Smile

Yesterday i tried to activate the Server and Optimisation option built into mybb and it did not work. I did try recount and rebuild. That did not work.
I then turned it off and recount and rebuild again.
Now i left it at that and thought it would be ok. Today i get online and see posts missing etc. Then when i navigate they come back then disappear again.
This even applies to forum closed option. I have 1 pc and 1 users elsewhere that see's the forum as closed and another local pc and another member elsewhere who see it as open. Now the 2nd pc that see it open can go into admin cp and it shows forum open. So 2 different pcs with 2 different results. I have cleared all cookies etc. That did not help.
I rebuilt over and over and have tried dumping the sessions table.

Anyone help me out of this problem.

PS i know i dont explain well so if you have more questions as to what i did etc i will be glad to try expalin further.

Thankyou if anyone can shed some light on this for me.
I think you need to contact your host about their setup. They could be having sync issues or cache problems. Either would explain the bizarre behavior.
Turns out my host moved my forum and split it between 2 servers???
Anyway thats what they said. And it was mainly a dns issue.
Wow what a freeking nightmare.
Thankyou Labrocca you were as always on the money. Not MyBB or dumbass me rather my host.
Cheers big ears. Smile