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Full Version: Forgot Password function
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One of my users forgot his password. He got his password in email now when he is trying to login system is asking to enter image verification however it is not showing any image there. I changed the password in his profile and tried to login but it is showing the same thing. For now I turned the CAPTCHA off and logged in through his id and again turned CAPTCHA on. Now there is no problem but why it happened and how to fix this problem? Kindly help.[attachment=1225]
Thanks for help! I have found a temp. solution as I mentioned above. I changed the password in AdminCP. Turned CAPTCHA off, logged in with his user id and it worked. But it is just a temp. solution.
You need to update the member.php file. Its in the thread mentioned by Stephon. Here is the specific post.
Just update your member.php file and its all good.
I recommend using the capture function over the temp fix personally.