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Full Version: $$$ ***FORUM CONTEST*** $$$ APRIL - MAY 2009 $$$
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***this contest is a points for posting contest, using labroccas points system,you get 1 point per post, 5 points per thread and 50 points per referal, more below***

This is the discussion thread for our forum contest.

Here at LovingTech we try to give you the users the best possible experience while using our forums. Because of this we are launching a monthly competition in which you can win great prizes to help you with your websites and online ventures.

Each month you can win a fantastic prize !.

This month we are giving away- amazing PRIZES!

1ST PRIZE: $150 Text Link Ads voucher

2ND PRIZE: a smashing Wordpress theme of your choice from Studio Press

3RD PRIZE: $50 Text Link Ads vouchers
4TH PRIZE: $25 Text Link Ads vouchers

5TH PRIZE: A free domain name from word class domain name provider: RegYourDomain
6TH PRIZE: 12 months of free hosting from

See where it says "CONTEST POINTS" by your post bit? You need to have the most Contest points during the contest.

You get points for:

1 point per post
5 points per thread
100 points per referral

And, just for being a member LovingTech you get:

1. Unlimited signature links!
2. Massive signature space!
3. Access to our exclusive Marketplace and Showcase forum!
4. Links in our directory!
5. AND THE BEST: A free advertisement on the forums footer!


So what are you waiting for sign up and start posting now!

I don't like these kinda things, keep your font down man!
Yeah sorry dude, font too big. Will look out for a user called 'JKD' on the forums, even if your not doing the contest. Smile

Well, i may.
(Apr 11, 2009, 01:57 PM)JKD Wrote: [ -> ]Well, i may.

Haha, you joined Tongue
Yes. don't like the forums though!
Seen this thread all over the place. Maybe it's a sign for me to take part. Tongue
(Apr 12, 2009, 03:48 AM)Jerlene Wrote: [ -> ]Seen this thread all over the place. Maybe it's a sign for me to take part. Tongue

Well you are a webmaster after all. Wink