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Full Version: Advertising MybbCentral ?
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Since i'm always here and a happy Subscriber Smile

I want to put a link to on my website and i just need to know if you guys here have some banners or logos that i could use.

I've looked everywhere on the forums but i can't find anything about advertising this website.

thank U
I guess it's time I made some.
Thanks Jesse :o)
With all the plugins we get from you guys and with the "side work" you've done for me on my Forum
It's a simple thing everyone here should do to promote and help you guys get more members :o)
Can I assume an 88x31 is fine?
I'm in...I'll add it to mine as well.
Here ya go.
Got it added.
This is the one i'm using on my website :o)

[Image: mybblogo.gif]

I will find a place to insert the little one in the forum pages.
(Apr 14, 2009, 07:05 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Can I assume an 88x31 is fine?

Damn i really was looking for a 89x30 mate. But its cool I will add a text link. Will "MyBB plugins" be fine?
just curious, do you have one of these the same small size for HF? I put one on my forums for this site, but i know you have the dynamic image etc. etc., something small though that can fit in sideboxes?