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Full Version: My Three Sites
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I have three sites, I use the same template on all of them, but I have alot of diff stuff on all of them.

That's teh uno's!!!

You got nice sites Big Grin
thanks, i've been working pretty hard on them with willox for the past three weeks. it's taken a little bit of time, but i think i'm getting the hang of it. we still have a few bugs and glitches to fix, but i'm sure if people look around they'll see them, they stick out like a sore thumb XD
Yeah ive seen some glitch.
But you can fix it Wink
if only youd say where the glitch is
lol, yeah, we're scouring the boards on our sites to see what the problems are. if there were more members this would be easier. So far we've only found two. would you be so kind as to give up suggestions, opinions, and tell us if you see any glitches and where they are?