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Full Version: Yeh, another suggestion
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Labrocca Wrote:Please read my annoucement.

- This one?
- Announcements are not marked as "new" in View new posts link, so they are actually hard to find/read. Would be better to set up new threads on the announcements forum.
- Sorry, I didn't knew that community colaboration must not be in this site. You closed that thread even when 'xTreme' was offering his help, and that sux. Would be better if you let the people here to help each other, now that you don't have enough time to help that way.
- So my suggestion is... stop kicking us out from your forum. That's the feeling I've had recently with you closing threads and forums.

Take this as positive criticism. I'm not angry or whatever. I just wanted to give you my opinion. If I didn't like mybbcentral I wouldn't be a subscriber and I wouldn't be here giving you feedback.

Kind regards.
I feel the same. i read every suggestion thread just to see an outcome where jesse has locked it already. Someone might post a similar plugin/Updated plugin they never saw.
SOMEONE ELSE might make it. a new member who does plugins. a new plugin maker, lex. and that thread looked like it was for lex as well.
Quote:i read every suggestion thread just to see an outcome where jesse has locked it already.

Yes and my announcement explains why.

Mybb Central is basically supported by me. Sure we have Lex drop by every so often and I know MattR makes a few posts but in general I have the burden of answering most of the questions. For a while there was too many suggestions. I was getting asked to help support people for plugins that weren't even mine. I have limits.

Thankfully the past week it's been moderate with the questions. Seriously I get stuff like "hey I have so and so's plugin at my site and it doesn't work. I get this error "xxxx" can you help me?". Now really...I don't have time to do that. And when people post in this forum they expect to get my assistance or response. I am happy to oblige but I want it related to my own plugins.

Your criticism doesn't really bother me or offend me. It's fine if you aren't happy with the recent change. I don't like it either. I hate that I had to do that. I hope to reopen the suggestions once I have caught up on the workload I have in front of me.

Realize that I have easily 10 strong projects to work on some of which are extensive. The daily distraction of requests to make plugins that I am either already working on, won't do, been suggested repeatedly or are already done by others is hampering my ability to work. All those are the bulk of the suggestions.

Know that I read every post here and that I respond to the majority of them. I have more posts here than the next top 5 posters COMBINED. My point is that I am very active and I help a lot. Just for now...I need to cut back some and focus on completing some projects. I have stuff in the works that is going to be great releases. They won't get done if everyday I have to build some tiny plugin request. I hate to say no so I would rather people just not ask. At least for now.

Thanks and I hope I have your understanding.
Announcements are in bold at the top of every forum when unread, I saw it quite clearly.
Ok guys, thanks for reading my opinions.