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Full Version: [r4] Member Of Week/Month
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(Jun 04, 2009, 03:19 PM)Chainzs Wrote: [ -> ]member of the week havent changed, and It's been the same user for over a month now ?

I'm having the same problem.
hmm ... any one has figured out why it does not update the user of the week even after a month?
any possibility to make this compatible with Myplaza?
where can i find $motw to translate it to spanisH?
I have been looking for this plugin..
This is great...thanks
I have a question.
How do i change the text? By default it shows as "Member Of The week" I want it to be like "Member of the Week"

Presumably admin are exempt from this, are there settings for this mod, to choose the groups that can be entered, and those that cannot? thanks boss
that could be <b>"Member of the Week"</b> i think, wait for Labro to answer this to be exact
Yheah i reviewed it , thanks for responding my friend. In the acp settings, there is an option on groups,

(Member Of The Week/Month _Usergroups
Out Of What Groups Should The MOTW Be Chosen? Default: Registered. [ GID NEEDED, Seperate By Comma! )

Its a great plugin and works great - thanks again
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