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What do you think?

Well your site is cool.
But i hate the colors. i mean my eyes hate it.
oh, the blue? it hurts your eyes?

Anymore Reviews?
Your css appears all out of place. Everything is thrown to the right side of the screen for me?
Not sure if its a resolution issue or browser or whatever but it does look really weird.
I will try in ie now.
Also there is images missing. As image below show.

[Image: 12413503299994_centralforums.jpg]
DAMINK, It's working fine for me.
(May 03, 2009, 06:48 AM)Joshua Mayer Wrote: [ -> ]DAMINK, It's working fine for me.

Yea me also now?
Not sure what happened there lol.

Although the images are still missing but only show as a red cross on IE ofcourse.