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Full Version: Upgrade 1.4.5
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Just wondering if many people have updated to 1.4.5 yet?
I as usual are rather paranoid of any upgrades these days so if anyone can give me feedback as to how successful it was or was not for them?
Thanks all.
I have updated 3 forums, all with no problems.
I updated 2 forums . It's a piece of cake, and everything went smoothly.
This one was tested more than the other updates so there shouldn't be any issues with it.
udated mine and it screwd up my afreshblack theme.. but it's back to normal now
Updated all my sites that problems.
Upgraded my forum with success
Thanks guys. I will update today.
Lucky. I'm the only one that got a problem. Sad
i upgraded my forum, and it was done easily, took me 5 mins Tongue
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