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Full Version: Changing user of several posts.
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Just wondering is it possible to change the user of particular posts?
Namely my posts lol. Long story short but i want to change some of my posts to another id?
So you want to change the user who posted that thread to someone else?
(Apr 20, 2009, 06:20 AM)joshuam08 Wrote: [ -> ]So you want to change the user who posted that thread to someone else?

Exactly mate.
Run a phpmyadmin query.

X= old user
Y= new user
For uid use the USER ID NUMBER and for USERNAME use the users name. Smile

UPDATE mybb_posts SET uid="X" WHERE uid="Y";
UPDATE mybb_threads SET uid="X" WHERE uid="Y";
UPDATE mybb_posts SET username="X" WHERE username="Y";
UPDATE mybb_threads SET username="X" WHERE username="Y";

Then do a user post count rebuild.
Cheers Labrocca but that would change all posts ever made by me then wouldnt it?
I only want to change some of them. Only about 30 or so actually.
Just go through the mybb_posts and mybb_threads table and find the posts you want to edit/change and edit the Username and UID.
Thanks joshuam08 i will give that a go.
Just to let you know, if you only edit the posts in the mybb_posts table the user will change in postbit but it will not change in the thread listings.
Thanks for your help guys. But i think i will just let this be for now. Im not good with databases and did have a look but yea im not confident enough to go mucking around with it.
Might just delete the posts and re post them im thinking.
If you make a test forum and fiddle with that you will get used to editing the DB. I am 13 and I know how to do it Tongue
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