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Full Version: Position of Sidebox
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i have downloaded and installed the MySideBox. Now i have the problem, that the layout of my forum and my wishes are not compatible Sad

I have the threads in the middle of the site and 2 black borders. Now i want to bring the sidebox in this border, but i cannot adress this area of the site.

I hope you understand what i mean. For better understanding i added a short screenshot.

So is there a posibillity to get the sidebox out of the container and put it on the side of the forum?


[attachment=1267]'ll need to actually edit the plugin file where the html is defined. What you want to accomplish will not be easy imho if you aren't familiar with php or xhtml. At least the xhtml to accomplish this.

What about just adding a different background for the entire sidebox table data? That might work as well...