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Full Version: Dream transfers
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Suggest me what to install, and do to make my forum nice and good.

What theme do you suggest, my site is

What plugins should I install, and is Google SEO 1.0 good?

Also, is it possible to change menubar (login-register) - the way, design like vbulletin

C ya.
Not even mybb related so not sure you are going to get many replies actually digif.
no, my forum is, but I put my site to show you what kind of template I want, and because it's still default
Sorry mate. Did not see a link on main page and did have a bit of a look around.
Not my scene the front page as im not into that stuff but it does look pleasing to the eyes.
Particularly the rotating vids.
it's because I don't want to bee visible until I make the forum usable, anyone suggest template?