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Full Version: Joomla Mybb Bridge
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Labrocca Sadly I am no longer using MyBB. The main reason is my sites look better with Joomla as a cms which is needed for the kind of work I do and since there is no MyBB/Joomla bridge and most forums look the same I have decided to change my forum software to phpbb3...I was hoping that you might consider either offering a bridge for mybb on this site or maybe helping the jfusion project. If you provided a bridge on your site you'd receive alot of subscriptions as mybb and joomla are the top open-source software in mine and others opinions. This is a suggestion and a goodbye. Hopefully something comes up soon cause as far as features go MyBB beats the rest. For now I'll be using phpbb3 and waiting for the day I switch back.
jfusion works perfectly with mybb, just last week set up 2 joomla/mybb sites for a client
Would you mind to make a tutorial?
im new into joomla
I've fully integrated Joomla and myBB with the site I'm working on right now , it works perfect and gives no problems with jfusion .

Please PM me if you would like to talk about this.