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Full Version: Lennart Sauter
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Hej all,
maybe it's time to introduce myself here.
So who am I?

I'm a german webmaster, mainly interested in community projects.
I have been quite active in the game modding scene, for example in the World Racing 2, Battlefront 2 or Ground Control scene.
My communitys have mainly been connected to these topics.

I'm currently doing paid work for evryone who needs special stuff for his MyBB, mainly external pages.
For example this downloadsystem integrated with Jesse's subscriber module.
It's integrated in MyBB but no plugin, has it's own Admin CP:

I also did some gallerys and stuff, mainly for my biggest project Zaiendo.

I just became 18 so now it's the time to make money Wink
Currently trying out adsense and Euros4click, Paypal donations and other stuff.
I live in south germany, my interests are reading, translating (like I do it over here at MyBBCentral), driving (I love it...) and of course girls Big Grin

Well, that's me - if you have any questions please ask Wink

LS 134 aka Lennart Sauter
6 months after registering lol. Sort of weird to know the specifics now as i have seen you here for ages and just did not know.
18 and loving cars and woman. Yep thats about spot on. And it dont change no matter how old you get lol.
Interesting that you do custom work though. I may get use out of this to be honest.
Next job i want custom i will pitch to you first and see what you can come up with.
Yes, it was about time lol.
Really, I registered 6 months ago? Time runs to fast -.-

Sure, give me a call or better an email and I'll see what I can do for you.