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Full Version: Clear EVERYTHING from my forum?
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i know it may sound funny but heres my problem.

I've messed up my forum by adding many many many plugins and thtmes into it. Its so confusing for me right now to understand that which plugin will work good in what theme. Is there any way i can setup an entire new blank and default mybb WITHOUT loosing any thread or any userbase?

P.S.:- I am sorry for duplicate posting, earlier i mistakenly posted this thread under "Off-Topic", then i realized this help forum. Thanks.
I am gonna help you with this in the morning with a complete guide to fixing this.
great i'dbe waiting, thanks. anywayz, its already about 1 PM Tongue
Imma still waiting
He can get rather busy indiansword. Perhaps pm him and remind him. But i assure you if he says he is going to help he will.
I know as im always in need of help as i screw up my forum weekly lol.
thanks @DAMINK.

P.S:- I think following should work:-

What if i delete the entire root/forum folder EXCEPT the config.php file. Upload a new fresh copy of myBB and replace the new config.php with the old one. That should help right?
Yes the config and the settings files are all you need. Then you need to keep your database intact. But yes that will work fine.
I have done it myself that way. Smile
Isn't the end of the world if you delete those either, they can be relaced easily.
@MattR Indeed. Or editing the new files will do the job.
I guess his database is still going to be a little messy though but atleast he wont have to deal with the plugin and themes problem.
what i m doin is removing the plguins and themes manually, and believe mates, its pain in [u know where] Tongue
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