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Full Version: [r4] Thread Prefixes
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MyBB Version: MyBB 1.4
New Settings: 4
New Templates: 1
DB Changes: 1
File Changes: 0
Files: 4
  • ./inc/plugins/tprefix.php
  • ./inc/plugins/tprefix_update.php (Only for v3.0 owners)
  • ./inc/languages/english/admin/config_tprefix.lang.php
  • ./admin/modules/config/tprefix.php
Images: 0
  • Upload everything like its stored in the .zip file!
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "Thread Prefixes" Plugin. (*)
  • * If you still run an old version of this plugin activate/deactivate ./inc/plugins/tprefix_update.php before activating the new version.
  • Status
  • Default Prefix Format
  • Forums Where Tags Must Be Used !
  • Error Message
* Makes It Possible To Add A Prefix To Your Thread. Such as [ PHP ]
* When creating/editing a thread there should be a box where you can select a prefix ( if the Admin has added any ) !
* Search by Prefix [Multiple Select] ( Search Page )



Note: After Update To Latest Version, Some of Your Threads Which Had A Prefix Suddenly Don't Show It Anymore ?
Upload && Activate this pluginfile once;
When i do an upgrade of the forum i loss template and data of prefix plugin?
I can't guarantee the template things; as an update of MyBB requires a revert of the newthread/editpost template then you need to add the variables manually, not a biggie =P

And you won't loose any data of the prefixes if you update your forum.
Hmmm... how to downgrade to v3.0? Smile
I don't have that version anymore, so don't know =P
Why do you want that version ?
the prefix is not shown in the list of new topics (search.php?action=getnew).

problem on my side?
No; its not coded like that.
The prefix isn't added to the Threadtitle while adding a new thread; its saved into a seperated column. Why? Less work if you edit the prefix. Else it first needs to determ the old prefix in the title; then replace it with a new one; and update the title.
Maybe gonna think of another way in the next release.

Edit: I changed the code.
Reupload ./inc/plugins/tprefix.php
Let me know if there are any issues with the new code.
great LeX, thank you!

but after i copied the new version, i cant see all the old prefix.
when i edit an old post with prefix, the prefix is set in the prefix list, it is only active/shown after i safe the thread again.
Yeah can't do anything about that =P i'm not into writing a new update file =/
It now adds the prefix to the subject itself rather that adding it towards the subject when viewing the thread. Probably weird talk; ex.
Subject: 'my own thread'
Previous: subject stored in DB as 'my own thread'; only adds the prefix when you view the thread.
New: subject stored in DB as '[Prefix] my own thread'
my english is rather bad, so i am not sure that i understand you.

is there no way to get the old prefix back, right?
so the plugin is not for productive use ready, right?
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