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I've been working on this website since about 8 months, but i started taking it seriously ONYL since past 2 months, as u guyz might have read, i have filled it up with lots of plugins and themes, so i am going to clear it off soon.

I am gonna put a nice theme i have found and some plugins from here. Right now i want you guyz to look at it as a 2 months old website and rate it according to the content.
Content is getting there. No question. Just gotta say. I love your rules mate. Funny shit. Smile
? though are you also h4x0r?
yea i am h4x0r
no more reviews?
NOW, rate my web for DESIGN + CONTENT . ?/10
Ficons implementation is bad...they are too big and pixelated on the edges.
You need to change the stars too.

Otherwise it looks fine.
(May 04, 2009, 05:58 PM)Stephon Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry but why does some of it look like HF? Maybe it's just me... Tongue

Anyways, I'll be signing-up. Big Grin

Your a member on HF? So am I!
1 or 2 concepts are inspired by HF. Since its a big community. However, the content are purely unique and not some copy+pasted craps. I have no prejudice to admin that laboracca has made HF a good platform. i am trying to do something better.

P.:S- It doesnt mean that TechMafias is a copy of HF. Smile