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Full Version: Volunteer for BANNER / LOGO?
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Lets try to help each other with whateva ur skills are, i am not good with designing, i am going to re-furnish my forum during these 48 hours, I wanna know if someone would like to help me with banner or logo part. I have attached the picture of the new theme that i'mma use.
Maybe some info about your board could help for making a logo;
What kind of forum are you running?
Agree Lex. I took a look at the screenshot and decided rather quickly i cant make anything as i have no idea what he/she actually wants.
If i had a better idea i would give it a shot. Smile Im not that much good at graphics but i do like the idea of helping others here at Central so that would be my drive.
1. i am HE Big Grin
2. I am running a bord for Ethical hacking and computer tricks
3. Let me know what else u guyz wanna know
bump, no volunteer?