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Full Version: any other image for Cool Download 1.0?
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I've got a black themed forum, so the default image doesnt suit. Can someone make me one which will suit in black?
[Image: Tech.png]
thanks for that FMB. i was looking for that but that wasnt my actual question lol!


It has a download image in it, u can see it on my board at following link:

U see that image doesnt suit, i want alternative for that
This is the one i made for my Afresh Black Theme
Feel free to use it if you want.
And if you do don't forget to +rep me :o)

[Image: download_bg.jpg]

But after looking at your forum link
this one would look better.

[Image: download_bg2.jpg]
a transparent background would look alot better
Chainzs thank ya