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Full Version: customer profile field issue.
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When i had "blaze bb" theme, i created a couple of customer profile fields named "OS I USE" and now i have installed "FLAG" plugin.

I changed my theme so they werent showin up, so i added them into "postbit_author_user", right now it looks like this:
        <!-- MYPS --!> <br />
        <b>OS I use : </b>{$post['fid4']} <br />
        <b>Country : </b>{$post['fid5']}

works fine also, BUT THE PROBLEM IS:

if i goto my USERCP, i dont see any options to change my OS neither the COUNTRY.
CountryFlags Plugin Uses
Now you probably see the CountryName only instead of the Flag.
Did you make the CustomProfileField editable by user ?
yes it is editable by users
fixed, no need to scrach ur heads. Thanks anyway!