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I'm here to stalk Labrocca and steal his plugins for MyBB 1.6...

I'm Tomm, and I'm a developer for MyBB. I'm currently working on features for 1.6 (of course, I can't tell you which ones Wink ) and preparing to release MyTracker (a bug tracking plugin) and MyNetwork (a modular social networking plugin), as well as a bunch of other things. I've been using MyBB for less than a year now, but came from using Invision for the past 5 years. I'm mainly involved in "in-house" projects for people, and not "front-end" websites, so most of my work isn't publically viewable Tongue

Outside of the web, I'm a graphics/marketing designer and systems developer for one of the UK's largest distributors of house, public and industrial building, civil engineering, agri/horti/aquacultural and sports/recreation product systems. I like normal stuff people enjoy - going out, stagerring home, watching movies etc. etc.

Anyway, yeah... bit more than the standard introduction but there we go Tongue

I'm kidding about the stealing thing!
OMG you thief!

Welcome to the site.
Welcome Tomm Smile
Yeah, labrocca has a few plugins which should definetily be default in 1.6.
Check Lex's plugins too.
Tongue We'll have to keep an eye on this one *shifty eyes*

Good to see you over here Big Grin
Gday TTT Toooommmmm

(Sorry i have the stutters tod d d dday for some reason?)

Thanks for the welcome... I'll try and cause some trouble just for you Matt Tongue