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Full Version: members create groups?
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Whilst on the hack forums earlier I saw a member advertising a group he made on the forum.

How can members be allowed to create groups with group images etc and promote them or is this not possible?
Didn't 'nickman' or 'Paretje' create such plugin for MyBB 1.2 ? Something with 'team' =/ =P
But can't seem to find it =P
I'm quite sure that over there labrocca creates them, they just request them...
Not advised to allow members to create groups. I do it manually. Not that difficult.
That's true actually...probably not a bad idea in that regard. Hmm...
Actually labrocca, it's probably a good idea to make this, I'm sure you know how popular the social groups are on vB, this would pretty much be the same thing, people creating groups that people can join... at least that's how I see it. If it's moderated, it couldn't really be abused and plenty of people would like the idea.
Yeah but how many use the buddy list?

All the VB sites I am a member of that have those social groups I never see them used very much. Yeah initially people create a group but after that people realize it's a useless feature.