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Full Version: Adsense question [imp]
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Today is the 8th of may 2009, according to adsense they finalize the payments on 7th of every month, i have almost $160 in the account, and i am supposed to see a link for the reference of "PAYMENT MADE", but i see no difference, all it says it this:

Balance at end of April $164.79

any idea? specially the ppl who has earned from adsense.
I have earned over $500 and nothing ever happened me did you make sure you don't have your payments on hold?
Contact them but they do take a few days to make the actual payment. Give them time.
I have attached a screenshot. According to me in the last month of april, where it says "Earning April1st - April30" it should say "Payment April 1st- April 30" Doesnt that?

[Image: adsense.gif]
You'll get that in June.
oh ok.. and wud i receive the payment at the end of MAY or at the end of JUNE?
Depends...I have gotten it last week or first week...what form of payment did you request? If it's a check that will take longer than a direct deposit.
ok, i am in india so ITS ONLY CHECK. lol till FEB it was ONLY $0.6 a month and then it jumped like hell.