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Full Version: SQL Error? Moved host.
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Just moved a forum today to a new host. Moved files as expected and tried to import database but keep getting this error.


Any ideas?
No matter what i seem to try i get 4 tables down and then the error.

Thanks if anyone can help. Smile

I think i found the problem. I tested it on another host i have and its fine. The reason i suspect is the version of mysql.
Server i am trying to install on is "Server version: 4.1.22" (Doesnt work)
Test server is "Server version: 5.0.67" (Works fine)

So anyone able to tell me an easy fix to this Smile
I bet the fields aren't quotesd..

Can you post the exact line in the sql import? The one that's in your sql file itself not the error.
Thanks for your help labrocca apprecaite it. I was only now able to fix the problem i had to get the host to update the SQL.Problem sovled. Thank you all for all your helpSmile