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Full Version: Subscribing????
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Why Do I need to have a credit card on my paypal account to buy a 1 year membership on your site??

Im trying to join but I need a card... I have loads of money on my paypal balance but can't use it why?

UPDATE: I seen somewhere you can get direct subscription if I PM the owner I will do that now
This is a paypal restriction for certain countries where they won't allow the subscription service unless you have a credit card on file with them. It's not me that requires's paypal.

And yes I answered your question in PM but wanted to address this in public as well.

I'm from germany and want to use/test some of your plugins. I also have a paypal account, but no credit card (because I have no need for it). How can I pay the subscription? Is there a way to pay for only year or can I cancel the subscription to pay for only one year?

Thanks a lot!
For direct payments I require $10. This is because the subscription will be permanent as it won't be linked to the IPN of paypal. PM me for my paypal if that's how you want to proceed.