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Full Version: usergroup images for me?
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Can some good designer help me to create image for difference usergroups for me? I have following groups.

Super Moderator

just in case if ya wanna check the color theme of my site, Links to my site is in my signature.

Certainly Smile

You can simply use the ones I attached in ZIP.

I appreciate it bro, but they are u know quite straight and simple, and will not go with the theme of my forum. Can ya reconsider them please? And yea, dont attach PSD because i dont have photoshop installed right now. [ I know right now u havent posted PSD but just in case]

U know i mean the TEXT also should be highlighted. If its "TM L33T" then they are kinda donators so it should look more attractive then registered user. It'd be great if ya can add some badge as its there on our username for mybbcentral for subscribers.