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Full Version: Hey hey
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Hi everyone!
I'm 28 and I pretty new to the MyBB world. I started with forums in 2001 with phpBB. Then I moved to IPS and then to vBulletin.
Now with strong indications that they will be doing away with leased licenses, I decided to look around the world of forum software for alternatives. Because if that happens and they don't offer a sensible deal for those who had leased licenses, I'm leaving.
So MyBB caught my eye and I'm really liking what I see.
Especially the plugin system is really good and I like the overall look & feel of the forum software too.
Plus the community seems to be very supportive and kind which is a big deal to me.
I had no idea such a sophisticated forum software was available for free. So I think that with my future projects instead of spending $200 on vB I'll just go with MyBB and be happy with it. Smile