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Full Version: 300 posts?
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Does this mean i get a big sloppy kiss of Labrocca now?
Just asking is all. Tongue
Come on pucker up big fella and brace yourself for a big sloppy one lol.

Dont know why i started this thread apart from a bit of bragging rights i guess. #5 for posts here now. Look out Labrocca im catching you lololol.

I will say good night now as im extremely drunk and need to have a few more before bed lol. I know some of you will understand. After all i gotta work tomorrow and a theory i have long had is...
damink drunken clown Wrote:Get drunk weekdays and go to work hangover. Dont waste your weekend being hangover.
Congratz to your 300, you really deserve your kiss now Tongue
Wonder what Jesse will do though - and if you really want that kiss Big Grin
*Just kidding*

Guess you will not make your next post here too soon as you still have your hangover - it gets longer the more you drink Tongue

No tongue please.
(May 20, 2009, 02:49 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]No tongue please.

Then whats the point? Tongue
congratz on the 300 mark Big Grin i'll opt out on the kissing though thanks, what are we, Italian soccer players or summat. Cool