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Full Version: Help (Again)
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Since my old topic got deleted for god knows what, I decided to make another.

When I go to my "" it comes to this page:

[Image: 3977659d4c5a9fa0e287980edcfdfcc6d8343c4.jpg]

Instead of it going to that page I want the website to be automatically redirected to my forums ""

Help is very much appreciated!
Open notepad and type the following code:

<meta content="0;url=" http-equiv="REFRESH" />Redirecting to Forums...</p>

Save it as "index.html" and upload it to the root of the website (not into either of the folders)

Now whenever you go to, it will redirect
Ew. Meta refresh?
You could do a PHP header function.
But personally I would change the domain from a parked domain to an Add-on domain and have it lead to the /forums/ directory.