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Full Version: Rar,Zip files downloading empty off my site?
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I've set everything up and when i try and download either a rar , zip , 7-Zip files they download empty 0kb?

How can i fix this please
All files?
Upload them again!
All files i've tried it's not working at all when i attach them.
The attachment bit seems fine it's when you come to download them it seems to fail by downloading an empty rar file?
is it a problem on your side or your sites. can you download the zip/rar from your ftp succesfully?
Yeah ftp works fine no issues there .
And is your uploads folder chmod 777?

Check FTP and see if the files are actually uploaded. I suspect that's the issue.

Mybb doesn't error report very well for the attachments.
Yep upload folders are chmod 777.

Ftp looks all well as well.