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Full Version: Paypal question
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Well ive just gone through the paypal system to pay a subscription by visa as i havent got a paypal account. At the moment im on this paypal page after paying which is saying to me "save your information" When you pay with PayPal, your delivery and billing information is stored securely, saving you valuable time. Learn more

Simply fill in your information below and click 'Continue'. Your password should be eight characters minimum and is case sensitive.

ect ect

Thing is, i dont want a paypal account, dont like them, but it seems if i dont fill this thing out my subcription wont go through.

Is that right or can i just close that page down now and will my subscription still go through.


on this site you NEED an activated paypal account, or pm the admin (labrocca) for alternate payment options. costing $5 more
oh yeah u must sign all of that if your using ur credit card. just read again soz
it should go through. GAHHHH i keep saying wrong thing dude. soz
just close it. paypal want you to signup to them lol
You can't make a paypal payment without a paypal account.

I can accept moneybookers or alertpay as well. Heck if you want you can send me cash/money order via snail mail. PM me for details on those options...realize it's $10 for direct payments not associated with paypal ipn as they won't expire.
thanks for the reply, as you can see though, i sorted it. :-)