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Full Version: tabbed menu weird problem
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When i activated it for the first time, i cud see the tabs but they were above the side boxes which are at the left on my website when they should be above the forums. Then i edited the templates as u have shown in the main thread but now they dont show up at all. Even tabs.css is present for that particular theme.
update: i rolled back the changes and the tabs came back, heres the updated problem now [lol]:

1. The tabs are coming above the side boxes, i want them to be above the forums, My side boxes are on left side.
2. It has a default color how do i change it?
1. You'll most likely have to change some html or css to position the tabs. There is a css for the tabs in the theme editor. You should see it.

2. Again change the css.

When it comes to custom templates and layouts you're responsible for making sure it looks good.
mate i aint really good with css things. Can ya have a look a min and tell me where exactly is the place where the allignment of the tabs could be changed?
bump, this is really important for me
How can I do that when it's not activated and I can't see the effect?

And change them in the theme editor of your admincp.. tabbed.css

Have you even bothered to try yourself?