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Full Version: To Active developer: Lex
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Hi Lex,

I put this is a plugin request to you.

The plugin would allow the user to put a specific advertisement for each forum via the admin CP.

The advert would be displayed wherever something like {addisplay} is displayed.

How would it work?
You would set an advert to be displayed only on a specific forum, this is great for affiliating or selling an advert for one forum category only. For example, I'd set a gaming affiliate ad, for example affiliate, and add their banner to that forum. So basically, you will be able to set different banners for different forums, to sell related affiliate ads, and sell each banner seperately.

I don't know what you think of the idea.
I've made something simple and i'm not gonna expand it any further;
ACP Page where you can add banners (plain html code), didn't test with other things, select which groups will see it and in what forum.
By default its displayed underneath {$header} in your forumdisplay template.


Next time send the personal request to him via PM.