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Full Version: my forum redirects to malicious site :(
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Since past couple of weeks, i was getting this feedback from my members that whenever they goto my forum with IE, few times they are redirected to some spyware website. I tried it myself and found it was correct. By some research few people told me that it may happen because of the ads, so i disabled them still the same thing.
I opened my web in OPERA and my AVAST shows me that it blocked a malware everytime some page of my forum loads up Sad
update: i was just trying to understand the avast's warning better and it seems to be something with google analytics, but i dont have any such plugin, any idea?
this is the site that is affecting my forum, does any theme or plugin includes this?
(May 29, 2009, 02:59 PM)indiansword Wrote: [ -> ]
this is the site that is affecting my forum, does any theme or plugin includes this?

That's a malicious site trying to pretend that it is google analytics. Check your htaccess and search your templates for
yesterday i got an error that mybb_sessions are broken, i repaired it from phpMYadmin and since then i havent got these virus warnings. Can someone cross check it for me?

BUT after i repaired the table the SIDE BOXES wont work Sad deactivated and reactivated couple of times, uploaded again but still wont work Sad
update: started getting warnings again.

M surprised that nobody actually replied to this thread which was kinda new problem i've heard with myBB.

Is it that members not interested or i dont deserve help Sad
It's not a mybb's something you have done on your site.

Your site is completely hacked. I am removing the links you have from here.
so according to u, should i RE INSTALL myBB?
Scan your computer for malware / trojans / viruses.

Try CounterSpy
(May 30, 2009, 12:47 AM)indiansword Wrote: [ -> ]so according to u, should i RE INSTALL myBB?

You need to find how your site was exploited. Reinstalling may do nothing if you don't find where the exploit exists. You own a "hacker" site...I suggest you use your own skills and figure this stuff out. Nothing worse imho than a complete poser that has no clue whatsover about what they are doing and pretending they do.

Run a site where you know something about the content. Jeez.