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Full Version: How about bounties?
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I'm well aware that you can't fill any requests for free due to time constraints, however, would you be able to do paid requests on a multiple user bounty basis.

For example, right now I'm interested in seeing MYPS slots ported over to 1.4.x, so I'd be willing to contribute let's say $5 to this.

Obviously $5 would probably not justify the amount of time it would take to do this but if more users were willing to contribute, it might total up to let's say $40 which is more appealing. Also, I'd be willing to allow everyone else to get these plugins even if they did not contribute to the bounty (paid subscribers only of course). In the long run, this could prove beneficial to all as it would definitely attract more subscribers since more plugins would get added and you'd get more $ as you'd get some from the bounty and from the new subscribers.

As for how this would work, I guess someone would post a bounty request and then you'd quote a fee. Then once the fee has been covered, you'll get started on it. However, this could also pose as a problem as if the fee is not covered, I'd assume the user would want their money back but perhaps would could occur is that these $5 are turned into bounty credit and can be used for another plugin, that might solve the problem. So if enough people are not interested in MYPS slots then I could credit those $5 to another in-demand plugin that I might want which needs it's fee covered.
* LeX- thinks it can be done in an hour =P
* x-Treme already did it last month.
Labrocca's license allows editing of the files for your own use.Wink
So I upgraded the slots and the lottery.
I didn't add anything, I just edited the file to make it work with 1.4.6
15min job =P
Up && Running at my testboard Wink
I see, I just tested it out. Smile

*EDIT* I just checked out the plugin's files again and it's under the GPL license, unlike some of the more recent work so apparently it should be permitted to share the upgrade assuming you wanted to.

Also, even if this is bounty is "resolved", I still think the concept would be useful for other plugins.

Man..I really need to brush up on my PHP skillz.